At Mosaic Church, partnership is more than attendance and more than membership.  We will partner together to live out our faith in visible ways as we connect, grow, and serve together.  

Mosaic Church Partners are the core of the church. These are people who connect with the mission and vision of Mosaic Church and decide to join in.  Mosaic Church is a community on a mission – partnership implies participation and involvement.  

Below are partnership options and information: 

Mission Partner

Mission Partners are individuals who have decided to join with the community to connect with people and with God.  They do this by:

  • attending and inviting others;
  • serving in the church and community;
  • praying for the church and the community;
  • connecting in a small group;
  • and giving generously to God’s work at / through Mosaic Church.

Prayer Partner

At Mosaic Church we believe that prayer is the foundation of healthy community.  A Mosaic Church Prayer Partner commits to praying for Mosaic Church leaders, partners, and the people in the surrounding area.  Prayer Partners regularly receive updates that include prayer needs and reports on God’s movement at Mosaic Church.

Financial Partner

Financial Partners are individuals, families, and churches who commit to help support Mosaic Church with a one-time gift, or on a weekly / monthly / annual basis.